Made in Peirce: Caramelized Onions


I made this, and you can too!

If my previous installments of Made in Peirce haven’t clued you in enough, I love using the Peirce panini press to do things for which it was certainly not made. Next in my series of irresponsible panini press usage, I make my favorite form of onions: caramelized. The bin of raw chopped onion in the topping station between Vegetarian and International has been calling to me the last couple times it’s been out, so I figured I’d finally go for it. Needless to say, I’m so glad that I did.

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Made in Peirce: Health Plate


If you’re like me, you want to eke the maximum amount of Bobby-Flay-level flavor out of your Peirce dinner without sacrificing nutrition.

“But how am I supposed to do that?”, you moan ghoulishly, staggering out of the servery with your greasy paws clamped around a napkinful of mac-and-cheese sandwiches.

Don’t worry, friends. I, your health and fitness guru, am here to save the day with HealthPlate™. (Not to brag, but as of press time, I’ve completed slightly over 1 crunch. And not to digress further, but I think there’s a classic comedy joke to be made here about crunches versus Crunch Bars that I’d be remiss not to note.)

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Weekend Drink: Inauguration Fizz


So, the auspicious date is finally here.  Sean M. Decatur official becomes the 19th president of Kenyon College, complete with an official swearing in and ball and robes.  I’m assuming there will be lots of robes.  And a medallion, appearantly.  Anyway, let’s celebrate this great day and new beginning for our college in the traditional manner by guzzling down a mild poison until we can’t walk straight.  Delicious, delicious poison.  Anyway, here’s a drink to knock back before you head down to the gala.  Or after.  Or anytime,  really.  Who cares when, just drink the damn thing:  Continue reading

Caffeine Salvation: Iced and Spiced

This review of Peirce’s newest coffee item comes to us from Stella Naulo ’13. 

Photo by Greg Sailor ’08

Hello, caffeine-seekers! If you’ve suffered the insufferable – meaning the dregs of Peirce coffee – salvation has come at last. The dining hall has been upgrading lately, adding to its “plethora” of choices a frighteningly delicious one. While you stand in line for your usual burn-your-tongue-off coffee, check out what’s happening to your left as a new queue forms in front of the iced coffee machine. Yes, it’s starting to get chilly out (great job holding this treat off until we’re too cold for it, Peirce) but this creamy sugary delight is a true blessing. You know it’s good if you’re pressing the lever for a good four and a half minutes to get the last frothy drops out.

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