Olin Desk Graffiti: Illustrated (again)


Here we are again with another addition of Olin Desk Graffiti: Illustrated! As finals hover over us like a dark cloud, we retreat into the nooks and crannies of the labyrinth that is Olin. However, be not afraid, because fun surprises can be found in this den of stress and anxiety! Yes, you guessed it, those fun surprises are the witty musings of our fellow students, the hidden gem of Kenyon: olin desk graffiti.  Continue reading

Kenyon Klutter: Meet a Desk


Desks: they don’t get enough attention, you dump your crap all over them and forget about them, but they are always there, working behind the scenes to ensure you get stuff done in a timely manner (or to hold your computer while you scroll through Tumblr, but hey, John Green said he does it too). To shed light on an important member of the Kenyon community, the Thrill has arranged an exclusive interview with the desk of Madame Cowles, a professor of French in the MLL department.

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