Peirce Hack: Dessert Egg Deluxe


In the month and a half since I first introduced the world to the dessert egg, a lot has changed. I’ve ripped a hole in my favorite pair of jeans, I accidentally lost one of my friend’s most cherished shirts, and – perhaps most importantly – I’ve come to resent hard boiled eggs.

I know what you’re thinking – Kenda, of all people, tired of hard boiled eggs? I dunno what to tell you other than sometimes you plan on spending your whole life with someone and then a jerk called life comes along and rips the carpet from right under you. The weeks I spent without my once-invaluable dessert egg were tough. I felt like my muscles were weaker due to a lack of protein. I didn’t sleep. I cried a ton. I felt completely and  utterly alone.

But yesterday, a miracle happened. A group of friends and I gave my love for the dessert egg new life, and I’m here to share that love with you today. Dearly beloved, I present to you: Dessert Egg Deluxe. Continue reading

Peirce Hack: Dessert Egg

So pure (via

Whether you’re a first-year or not, by now you’ve figured out that Peirce Hall is a magical place with seemingly endless food options available to you throughout the day. But as we get – nay, grow – older we become less and less enchanted with what Peirce has to offer. There are some days where Peirce just isn’t doing enough for you, where no combination of foods (plated or otherwise) can satisfy your insatiable hunger. Enter: the Peirce hack. The Peirce hack is any combination of actions and foods that cause your friends to say “Oh man, I wish I had thought of that!” when you come back to your table in the dining room. Today’s Peirce hack? The dessert egg. Continue reading