Becoming a Diamond on Old Bob’s Necklace of Kindness; An Insider’s Guide

diamond old bob    How can you become a diamond on Old Bob’s necklace of kindness? I honestly have no idea. He’s never even given me a second look when I walk up to the dessert section (which is frequently).

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Made in Peirce: Bananas Foster

The panini press is a glorious asset for us Peirce-goers. But why limit it to sandwiches and cookies when you could use it to its full potential? You may have witnessed its power to wilt spinach, but you will weep when you see its ultimate power to…Foster bananas? I know it doesn’t really work like that, but work with me here. Bananas Foster is delicious and super easy for you to make in Peirce with these simple steps. Continue reading

Made in Peirce: The Cookie Monster

cookie monster gif


Freshly baked cookies in Peirce? That equals a dessert dilemma. You thought you were spiffylicious when you grilled your cookies in the Panini press. Think again biatches. We’ve combined two of Pierce’s tastiest foods to make the ultimate dessert: a cookie-soft-serve sandwich. We call this little slice of brilliance “The Cookie Monster”. Follow these steps to make your own:

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