10 o’clock list: Cute Lil Ways to Hide Your Unspeakable Wealth

          Everyone wants to be rich, but you don’t want people to KNOW that you’re rich. Other people just tune out your problems when you’ve got Daddy’s trust fund to soothe you to sleep on those long nights. Make sure you get the pity and compassion you deserve from the plebeians with these fun tips!

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What is Really Going on in the 100-level English Courses?


At Kenyon we love English. We love planning to major in English and then not. We love the vague career path English leads us down when we do major in it. We love the English language that is our mother tongue.

And although we love how much we love English, the intensity of this love can sometimes distract us from what is really going go in the English department. So to clarify what each 100-level English course truly entails read on. Continue reading

Kenyon Kraft: Dirt Everywhere

Let’s get crafty, nerds! Everything is green and pretty and that is terrible so we have to cover it all up with brown nonsense. And what is more brown and nonsensical than dirt? Like, what even is it? I have no idea. Very small rocks? Fish eggs? Tiny Raisinettes? There is literally no way to find out. Anyway flowers are terrible and grass is terrible and everything is terrible so let’s cover it all in dirt.


Strong start, but there’s still a lot of grass!

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Weekend Drink: The Homecoming Classic

Homecoming is here, the highlighter party is tonight, and school spirit is in the air. At least I think that’s what I’m smelling. Sometimes when the wind is blowing the right way, I could swear it’s manure. Oh well. Anyway, here’s a drink to get you pumped with Kenyon pride and going for the homecoming stuff today:

For when you can't summon up the energy to feel, alcohol is there for you.

For when you can’t summon up the energy to feel pride yourself, alcohol is there for you.

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