Dirtbag Lessons: Picking the Right Major for the Wrong Reasons


One of the most stressful parts of going to college is having to pick a major that you’ll stick to for the rest of your academic career. Instead of basing your decision on useless long-term factors like future employment, why not focus on the obvious short-term perks that you can enjoy today? Let’s break the top majors down: Continue reading

Dirtbag Lessons: The Inside-Out Shirt Trick


I’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby.

Before I wrote for The Thrill, I used to be a total dirtbag. Although I have since turned a new leaf, there were valuable life lessons that I still remember from my darker years. The most important one being: turning an inside-out shirt right-side-out in record time.

So if you’re looking to slash a few seconds off of your morning routine (and watch a certain somebody take a tumble off a chair), sneak a peek at this enlightening video tutorial! Continue reading