Kenyon Krittersish: The Fungus Amongus


Who’s ready to sleep like a log over break? Hopefully not so long that you get encrusted with fungi, but hey, I don’t judge. -Via Discover Magazine

Warning: The following is semi-educational, and as always there are puns. Prepare yourself for the dirty jokes.

G’day opposable thumbed chums,

It’s the early bird cheeping at you again from down the hill at the BFEC, and quite frankly I’m exhausted. My humor is weaker than my Bananagrams game when I have two q’s and no u’s, it’s qestionabqle at best (the second q is silent, shh.) I’m spent, washed-up, done-in, overall just so so ready for Thanksgiving when I can curl up on the couch, cram my cheeks with homemade mashed potatoes and procrastinate on all the final papers I should be writing.

I think we’re all feeling sick and tired and ready for a fresh start. Wouldn’t you like to start over? I know I would, and I think the whole planet would too (thanks life, and the electoral college, and the whole friggin’ universe.) While it may be too late for us hapless homo sapiens, luckily the Earth always gets by with a little help from our good friends, the fungi!

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