10 o’clock list: Best Videos to “Help You Study”

After a while, you just can’t justify distracting yo’ self in Olin anymore. That’s when you turn to the videos that ostensibly are helping you study, but that are really just hilarious.

Philosophers’ Football Match (Political Science or Philosophy, featured above) — This classic Monty Python sketch provides a good quick overview of the main German and Greek philosophers, their claims to fame, and what positions they play on the soccer pitch. And if you can’t think of a good answer for your Classical Quest essay prompt about Aristotle, just claim he was offside and so nothing he said counted.

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Distract Yo’ Self: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Elf Yourself has been one of the best things to happen to the internet this century. Whether you want the secret pleasure of getting back at your enemy, or just want to see your mom in an elf costume, this website fulfills all your passive aggressive needs with a dash of holiday cheer. The site has been updated with new costumes, dances, and backgrounds for the 2012 season. So, when you need that break from your final paper, or just need another thing to stop you from falling asleep, check it out.

Distract Yo’ Self: What’s Really Going On

Note: Anyone peering over your shoulder in Olin will just think you’re intelligent, mature, and well informed.

It’s night Sunday of reading days, and you probably woke up this morning realizing just how much work you haven’t been doing. Why is tomorrow Monday? The hummus is gone. (Ed: There’s a pile of empty Natty Lites in the corner. And you really don’t want to talk about the state of your personal hygiene.)  After finally finding your backpack under a pile of your dirty clothes, you need a little break. You deserve it: