The Divestment Issue: An Overview

Many of you have probably seen the signs and tables talking about the divestment issue on campus. In an effort to increase awareness for the cause, Jonah Allen ’16 has written an overview of the the petition, and addresses any possible issues below.

Our divestment campaign got off to a phenomenal start this week, with our Peirce petition drive garnering nearly 600 signatures, ensuring that divestment would gain traction as a campus-wide issue.

For those still confused about what exactly divestment is, we are hoping to convince the Board of Trustees – and in particular, the Investment Committee, which specifically handles our endowment investments – that investments in fossil fuels are both ethically and economically indefensible. If the case we make is strong enough, we hope that the Board will commit to freezing any new investments in the fossil fuel industry and gradually phasing their existing investments out over a course of five years.

Several objections to our cause were brought to our attention during the Peirce petition drive. Some were answered more adequately than others, but we believe such concerns are necessary both to the larger student body’s understanding and even to our own. Here are some we found particularly important: Continue reading