JUST IN: Your Dad’s Disappointment at an All Time High

“Why aren’t you writing for the Thrill young lady?”


So your dad sent me a fax the other day. I know? A fax right? I didn’t even know I had a fax machine! Anyway, he said that he’s usually disappointed in you, but these days it just feels like it’s at the breaking point. How will you win the love of your father back, you might ask?

Apply to The Kenyon Thrill! Your dad loves it!

“They’re real witty and funny as hell,” he wrote in his fax, “but they also talk about real issues too, you know? They’re such a great platform for student narratives.”

Awww, thanks dad!

The point is, we’ve got some great news for you– We’re accepting applications for new staff writers from this moment right now until midnight on February 5th. 

You can access the application here. Send your completed application to thekenyonthrill@gmail.com