Kenyon Doppelgangers: Molly Wyrsch ’17 and Hannah Farr ’19


Molly Wyrsch ’17 (left) and Hannah Farr ’19 (right)

This week The Thrill presents a special ~*AbrOAd*~ edition of Kenyon Doppelgängers.

No. You aren’t seeing double. You’re seeing Molly Wyrsch ’17 and Hannah Farr ’19. Although Wyrsch is abroad with the Kenyon-Exeter program this semester, friends of these Doppelgängers have had their fair share of mix ups. Wyrsch was most recently alerted of her likeness to Hannah in a text from a friend, “who thought [Wyrsch] was back on campus first semester.” Snapchats from confused friends have also flooded her phone.

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Doppelgangers: Milad Momeni ’15 and Nick Massari ’18


The Thrill has many long-standing traditions, like poignant 10 0′ Clock Lists, an overall witty voice, and, of course, recognizing campus’ lookalikes. Among all the lords and ladies few doppelgangers are more notorious than Milad Momeni ’15 and Nick Massari ’18. These two look so much alike that even after thoroughly stalking the pair on Facebook I still found it impossible to guess their identities upon first meeting them at the Wiggleground. Continue reading

Kenyon Doppelgangers: EMAIL EDITION

Is this email for Lauren Michael or Lauren Michael? Or maybe it’s for Madeline Thompson…but which one? The world may never know.

So you’ve all seen our Kenyon Doppelgangers with students on campus who LOOK alike, but what about people who have literally the same exact name. Weirdly enough on our teeny tiny campus, we have TWO sets of people with the same name, Madeleine (’15)/Madi (’16) Thompson, and Lauren Elizabeth/Elisabeth Michael (both ’17).

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Kenyon Doppelgangers: Nathaniel Shahan ’17 and Jack James ’18


Here’s another edition of Kenyon Doppelgangers that’s been a long time coming–Nathaniel Shahan ’17 and Jack James ’18. They first realized their similarity when Nathaniel came back to campus. “People were confused, because they said I had already been back on campus.” Nathaniel said. Shortly after that, Nathaniel found his doppelganger, Jack, and a lot of confusion was cleared up. Continue reading