Ashes to Ashes, Olin to KAC Hill: Hitting an all-time low


“College will make KAC hill less steep with dirt from library”

This headline, from a recent article published in The Kenyon Collegian, outlines a plan to use the ashes of our soon to be cremated Olin Chalmers Library to make the KAC hill just a tad less of an athematic’s worst nightmare. Just to be clear, this is not satire.

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Uphill/Downhill: State of Nature and Midterms

Another week mostly gone, the frozen winter is drawing closer, but next week is Reading Days which is the best time of the year.

Uphill: Government Shutdown — Government Shutdown themed parties will be had this weekend. Now that the Government is done for a little while, it’s time to let our hair down and party like some kind of state of nature. So lock your doors, gather those closest to you, mix the soil with your labor and grab the closest 40oz, because it’s time for some fun.

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Uphill/Downhill: Climate Change and Rumplestiltskin

Uphill: We no longer live on the surface of the Sun — You have to be pretty pumped that it is no longer a million-billion degrees outside. It has made the casual lack of AC in most dorms bearable. I can now say that we have entered the “magic-hour” of Kenyon’s year. The time between the end of summer and the beginning of winter when Kenyon is at its best. This is what students (and Public Affairs) thrive on.

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Uphill/Downhill: First-Years and Heat

Uphill: First-Years — I think it’s the time of year when First-Years are finally starting to get the hang of campus. They know where most places are, they’re asking fewer questions and they have their schedules more or less memorized. While I know they’ll have off-weeks coming up (Halloween, anyone?) for now, they are doing a-ok.

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Uphill/Downhill: Pesto Chicken and Syllabi

Uphill: Peirce — I’m not sure anyone else has noticed (possibly because of how great the weather has been or how awesome their first weekend/classes back were), but Peirce has been on their game. For real. Comfort, Fusion and Vegetarian have been killing it lately. Pesto Chicken Burgers? Stunner. Kung Pao Tofu? Unstoppable. Oh yeah and did I mention we have a functioning Panini Press? To borrow a phrase, “it’s that good-good.”

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