10 o’clock list: Things the Feral Cats Have Been Up To

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It’s hard out here for a cat.

Lately, the feral cats of Gambier seem to have disappeared. At least, to me. Maybe that’s because I haven’t been outside much. Then again, I’m never outside much. But anyways, I talked to some cats and they told me what they’ve been up to while it’s been very, very cold.

  1. At Easton, shopping for a new, super sexy outfit for Philander’s Ball. Because that’s where all the good tom cats will be caterwauling, if you catch my drift. Continue reading

The Perfect Candy for your Major

Even the squirrels at Kenyon are getting excited for Halloween candy.

Even the Kenyon squirrels are getting excited for Halloween candy.

In the spirit of Halloween, I was imagining what candy would appeal to certain majors. I mean, everyone loves chocolate, but for a history major, the historical significance makes each delicious bite take on whole new levels of joy. So for those of you worried about your candy of choice for the coming holiday, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Math majors love to count things, and M&Ms are the easiest candy to categorize by color or type. Each M&M seems to taste the same and is predictable on the inside, but on the outside has a wide variety of colors. The only difficulty here is that M&Ms are tempting and the subtraction of one M&M could set off an entire problem. Suggestion: invest in infinite bags of M&Ms to ensure that the limit does not exist for the evening. Continue reading

First-Year Expectations: Reading Days

First-years: Expect complete pandemonium and James Franco.

First-years: Expect complete pandemonium and James Franco.

Reading Days start tomorrow, and first-years are getting excited. We’ve been here at Kenyon for seven weeks now, and while the experience is going great so far, we need sleep. And haircuts. And civilization. A lucky few will go home for the first time to see high school friends and family. Others will lie in their dorm bed and twitch in hopes that someone will bring them ramen or beer. Either way, we all have finished that last English paper, “aced” that last lab, and scored that last goal. We deserve this break. Continue reading

Transform Your Dorm: Downton Abbey

Housing is coming, Kenyon College. And as much as we lay awake at night, dreaming of a Taft Cottage, there’s only one place that we all truly want to live in: Downton Abbey. Not just for the delicious British melodrama and Maggie Smith’s quips, but because that place is damn gorgeous. So, though we can’t live in Downton, we can try our darndest to make the best of whatever we’re being forced to live in. Here is The Thrill’s guide to making your dorm seem as close to Downton as you (somewhat plausibly) can.

Results may vary.

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10 o’clock list: Where to Eat When Thomas is Closed

Know we know what happened to Psy's horse...

At least now we know what happened to Psy’s horse…

The only thing more alarming than the clock disappearance may be the number of times that Thomas has been closed since classes resumed. Whether it is just an influx of alumni, or an AVI conspiracy to make sure that the non-Great Hall-inclined have to battle each other for space downstairs, The Thrill has you covered. Read on to find our suggestions on where you can take your Gangnam Style Beef Shank and eat it in style:

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