Thrill-o-ween: Drinking Game

Yes we’re all going to be depressed alone inside this Halloween but no, we don’t have to remember it. Enjoy this drinking game all by your lonesome or zoom with a few friends to wallow together. When should I start, you ask? Whenever you want. What is time anyway?

  • Drink every time 2020 gives you a trick instead of a treat.
  • Drink when the crushing fear of your uncertain future becomes too much.
  • Drink every time you remember that it’s Halloween and you’re alone and it’s only 9pm but you’re already tired.
  • Finish your drink if you haven’t cried in 4 hours.
  • Drink every time someone posts an Insta pic of their cute costume and you look down and see that you’ve spilled cold spaghetti on your pajama shorts again. 
  • Drink for every time someone invited you to a non-socially-distanced party.
  • Drink every time someone makes an allusion to this entire year being spooky.
  • Drink every time you run into the ghost of Christmas past.
  • Drink just because… I don’t know, just fucking drink. 
  • Drink every time you look in the mirror and don’t even recognize the person staring back at you.
  • Drink if you’re in class right now. 

‘Liberal Arts’ Drinking Game



this definitely counts as Radnoring, via

Sad about the election results? Me too! I am quaking with fury and have already screamed thrice today. Why not cope the way Kenyon kids know best, with a good old-fashioned drinking game inspired by one of our favorite movies here on campus, Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts. It’s extra ~Kenyon~ if you do this on a Wednesday with some Franzia and/or the blue shit from the Market. Continue reading

Your New Favorite Drinking Game: Just Do It™

I'm not an art major.

I’m not an art major.

The Thrill‘s weekly drinking game is BACK and better than ever! Strap in, chumps!

This week, we’re not going to bore you with fancy-pants “rules” and “regulations” and “words.” Instead, we’re gonna be direct and honest with y’all. No frills, no fluff, no nothin’. Just the goddamned truth. Continue reading

The Spring Break is Almost Here Drinking Game



Only a few precious days remain before spring break. And usually, we write a post about how you should hide your alcohol from your CA. But this year, since this past month’s been so tough and you only have two midterms and an essay due this week, we thought you should treat yourself a little and drink all of the alcohol you have in your dorm. I know, this is a hard task, but we made up some rules to help you achieve your dreams!*

  • Grab a to-go cup from Peirce. Fill it half with coffee, half with that bottle of Bailey’s your mom got you for Christmas. Every time your 8:10 Econ Professor is overly enthused, take a sip. Continue reading

Make It A Drinking Game: Duck Duck [Grey] Goose

duck duck drink

Happy Weekend

Still trying to forget the amount of ass-cheekery you saw last Saturday? Join the club. Fortunately we’re here to help. Leave Beer Pong and Flip Cup to the fools, we got your weekend covered—old school. Put that kiddie-shit childhood to use for some new games. Duck, Duck, DRINK.I mean goose.

Continue reading