Your New Favorite Drinking Game: Roxanne


Yeaaaaaah we know. It’s that time of the year. The homestretch is before us, but the idea of playing yet another long drinking game is unappealing. How many times must we bounce, toss, juggle a ping pong ball before we all admit it’s a tired tradition? Today, we bring you a new, refreshing twist on the time honored indulgence of The Drinking Game. Last time, you needed a baguette and tough skin. This time, all you need is a song (and cups, and alcohol, and people but whatever). It’s time for something new. Today we bring you: “Roxanne” by The Police.

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How to Drink: King’s Cup



Remember, way back, when you went to one of your first parties. And maybe you were invited to play or saw people playing some sort of card/quarter/ball game with drinks. And you wanted, so desperately, to play and enjoy and connect and maybe find someone that just gets you. But instead, you sat in the corner and drank that dumb, warm beer. You said to yourself (or maybe even out loud): I don’t even know how to play. Gone are the days of lost socialization due to ignorance. Gone are the days of confusing rules explained in a drunken haze.

Today we begin a journey–a path that takes us along the #rivers and #roads of drinking games. This goes out to all the people that were too shy to ask why are you flipping the cup upside down? or what does the 2 of spades mean? Because today team, we’re going to begin this process of collecting as many drinking games as we can with a classic: King’s Cup. Let the record show that every and all drinking games have variations based on region, high school, and zodiac sign. Below is just one version of the time-honored, dare I say, classic game.

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10 o’clock list: Kenyon-Themed Drinking Games


Drunk Jenga, Never Have I Ever, King’s Cup, Dirty Pint, Beer Pong: been there, done that. 10 Fingers is pointless since your friends already know your deep, dark, dirty secrets and you know theirs (…then again, so does the rest of campus because this place is tiny as hell). Someone marinated your only deck of cards in gin last weekend, and it’s missing a 7 of spades. No one remembers where the Twister board went. My point is that we obviously need to spice things up with some drinking games, done ~~¡¡¡Kenyon style!!!~~ because there’s nothing left to inspire us in rural Ohio except corn and Jesus. Here are just a few ideas: Continue reading

10 o’clock list: 5 Ways to Beat the Housing Lottery

housing lottery pic

If your lottery number is as bad as mine is, you’re likely trying to convince yourself that your cardboard box on Middle Path will at least leave you with a super short walk to class. Or maybe you’ve decided that being a stow-away in Ascension looks pretty viable. For those of you that are also terrified of Saturday’s housing lottery, here are some coping mechanisms:

1. Make it a Drinking Game. Take a shot for every one of your housing options that gets taken. Or, if you feel that doom is imminent, get crafty and plan ahead with some Mather Mojitos. But maybe you’ve come to terms with the situation–if so, perhaps a Martini-tiny Dorm Room is in order.

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Do it Tonight: State of the Union

Restoring hope to the galaxy, one term at a time.

Today marks not only Fat Tuesday and the birthday of former president Abraham Lincoln, but also the first State of the Union Address of President Obama’s second term. Though maybe not as entertaining as the debates of the past election year, there is one way to make any political event full of joy and laughter: alcohol. (Or, if you’re underage, sparkling apple cider.) Luckily, for all y’all, has come up with a drinking game for the address with such buzzwords and phrases as ‘Let me be clear…,’ ‘values,’ ‘jobs‘ and ‘energy.’ If you’re more into the cynical side of politics, Will Durst has written a satirical drinking game for the Huffington Post that might be up your alley [Ed. — Don’t you mean “up your spin alley“? Boom. Political pun. Nailed it.]

  • What: Obama’s annual State of the Union.
  • Where: Peirce Pub for the Watch Party (sponsered by the College Democrats, College Republicans and the CSAD) or any television on campus.
  • When: Tuesday, February 12th, 9:00 p.m.