Buy Discount Easter Candy Now!

Good morning. Did you know that Easter candy is half off at Walmart? It’s probably the same deal at CVS! Looking to buy local? The bookstore will sell you Cadbury Creme Eggs at a weirdly specific felt tipped marker noted discount price.

Anyway, I got a bag of those little Whoppers Robin Eggs for $1.44 and I’m extremely pleased about it.

Share your favorite Easter candies in the comments.

Poll Results: Concerning the Religious Weekend

The results are in from yesterday’s poll concerning your debauchery, or lack thereof, on this holiest of all weekends. As of 10:30 this morning, the results for the Passover poll were:

This is less drunkenness than I expected from Kenyon, but still probably a little more than what is actually proper. And it kind of depends on how many of those “no” votes were due to non-drunkenness at a Seder vs. how many were due to not attending a Seder, because it’s possible that we actually had 100% drunkenness among those attending. Lent results after the jump.

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