Do it today: Lords Football vs. Allegheny

I really hope not.

Update: Kenyon defeated Allegheny 20-7 and advanced to 5-3 overall and 4-1 in the NCAC.

There are only two home football games left this year. There are three total games. Currently, the Kenyon Lords are 4-3. If Kenyon College football wins its next three games, it will be the first time the football team has ended a season with seven wins since 1984, when current WashU Bears coach Larry Kindbom in his second season as Kenyon’s head coach led the Lords to all the gridiron glory they could find in and around Gambier. Before Kindbom, the Lords had only achieved seven wins three times—once in 1901 with coach John Eckstorm and twice in 1972 and 1976 with Phil Morse. On average, Kenyon Lords football wins seven games once every 27 years. But hey, at least the rarity of a Kenyon football seven-win season isn’t anywhere close to the Chicago Cubs 104 year World Series victory drought. A word to the wise: the Cubs’ inability to clinch is often capable of providing comfort in times of athletically-related distress.

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