10 O’Clock List: Majors to Leave Econ For

One time, in half-hearted jest, my dad joked that I decided my academic interests by sorting a list of degrees ranked by earning potential from low to high. He’s not really wrong– I am a generally okay person but also generally impractical. I want to study gender and books and culture and don’t want to get a job or pay bills or be responsible.


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The Truth About Your Favorite Holiday Movies


I enjoy most holiday movies, they are festive, overly dramatic, they make me nostalgic, and can generally be a pretty good time. However, another thing I enjoy, is taking my childhood memories and literature/movies from my childhood and re-interpreting them with the knowledge I have as an adult. Would I say I take a sick satisfaction in explaining logical fallacies, plot holes, and economic impossibilities to my friends, ruining their childhood memories? Read on if you want to hear my economic analysis of two classic Christmas movies.

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Faculty Rap Names: Your Professor’s Secret Past as a Straight-Up G


What/what/what/what? You thought your professors were some vanilla-ass intellectu-fools? Well you better think again because lil’ Sing Sing aka Sassy W might just be teaching your history of India class. And who knew Ragin’ C Mastastrangelove was coordinating your student activities? Now for a brief introduction to the underground rap community that you never knew we had.

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Four-Minute(ish) Lecture: Professor PJ Glandon

Professor PJ Glandon (kenyon.edu)

This week, the Thrill is proud to bring you a lecture from Professor PJ Glandon, Assistant Professor of Economics. He is new to Kenyon this year, but his knowledge on Macroeconomics and Financial Markets is vast. His lecture “On the Federal Reserve” discusses the actions of the Fed during the most recent economic crisis.

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