The Intersection of Commenting and Bullying

This post was authored by Emma Specter ’15 and Spencer Kaye ’14, co-editors-in-chief of the Thrill, along with David McCabe ’14, the Thrill’s founder and editor-in-chief emeritus. 

Yesterday, a post we published entitled “Editorial: On Send-Off” attracted a lot of attention. While comments on the post started out fairly neutral, they quickly devolved into a mess of ugly, juvenile slurs, most of them directed toward members of two campus Greek organizations. We’ve closed commenting on the post and done our best to moderate any hurtful comments, but we think it’s important to address the issue head-on. Continue reading

Editorial: On Send-Off

What Send-Off probably should look like (via Mark Coltman '87)

What Send-Off probably should look like (via Mike Coltman ’87)

Editors’ Note: Because the tenor of the comments section for this post has turned vulgar and hostile, forcing us to moderate a number of them, we have closed comments on this post for the time being.

Today the student body of Kenyon College was informed via an e-mail from Tacci Smith that this Saturday, normally known as day 2 of Summer Sendoff, that no Kenyon students would be allowed to register any events on the South Quad. The e-mail from Tacci seems to be an effort on behalf of the College to quickly and quietly bring an end to Summer Sendoff.

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One-Sentence Editorial: Gourdzilla Should Be Our New Mascot

For one thing, “Lords” reeks of feudalism and also makes our football team sound like a bunch of frolicking fops (but who could hope to defeat the Kenyon Gourdzillas?), and since Gourdzilla’s triumphant arrival in Peirce last week (and subsequent establishment of a family), she has truly become queen of this College, inspiring in every Kenyonite’s heart a sense of pride at having a morbidly obese decorative gourd to call our own.

Gourdzilla 2012!