10 o’clock list: Alternative Ways to Spend your Newman Day


Why hello sweet friend, you may or may not know that Newman Day is coming up very soon. If you’re anything like me, you see this holiday as a bastion of warmth and goodness in a year that is otherwise devoid of honorable practice. Of course you frequently find little ways to demonstrate your devotion to Newman, I know I do. Heck, these may even be sufficient to save you and keep you chugging along. However, in regard to effectively bringing you into His light, no practice can even begin to compare to the annual quaffing. This is because it is the only known ritual suggested directly by His word. While this is a noble and respectable practice, those who wish to deepen their understanding of Newman and perhaps situate themselves closer to His boundless warmth may wish to consider additional rites. As seen below, some procedures are naturally superior to others. Please enjoy the knowledge to follow.

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Kenyon Side Projects: James Miller ’18

Timlet, a god among men

James Miller ’18 basks in his glory just hours before the beginning of Egg Day.


So, as it turns out, Kenyon students are pretty weird. The Thrill has decided to showcase the endearing oddities of our student body with a new features entitled “Kenyon Side Projects”. In this new feature, we will spotlight a Kenyon student with a side project that we find particularly intriguing. This time we’re excited to feature James Miller ’18. James changed Kenyon forever on February 13th, 2015, as he attempted to eat 50 hard boiled eggs in once sitting. We’re excited to learn more about the eggsperience and adventure that happened on Egg Day.
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Made in Peirce: Bougie Tapas Plate


Wigs are required. (via pixgood.com)

Have you come to Kenyon and become tired of the same old food served at Peirce?  Do your refined tastes need something a little more bougie?  Perhaps some tapas (click here for pronunciation) is what your fancy stye needs.  Don’t fret, for we at the Thrill have come up with a few delicious recipes for your enjoyment in this installment of Made in Peirce.

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We Want Your Elementary-School Journals

I Googled "tweens hanging out" and came across this informative article.

I Googled “tweens hanging out” and came across this informative article.

And we’re not too proud to beg. Don’t you want the chance to receive instant Kenyon fame, following in the footsteps of Elementary-School Journal celebs like Elizabeth “EGG” Gambal ’14, Dylan “P.S. What Is My Car” Kaye ’15 or Tim “Futur Tim” Jurney ’15? Of course you do. Don’t be an idiot. Email your elementary-school gems (or early high school, as long as they’re sufficiently embarrassing) to thekenyonthrill@gmail.com, and experience the purest form of Kenyon celebrity.

Made in Peirce: Ideas Stolen from Friends

Photo by Greg Sailor '08

Here, The Thrill presents a few recipes to spice up your mealtimes using only ingredients found within the Peirce servery. Because we run this item every week, finding new ideas has become increasingly difficult. Thankfully, our dear friends continue to  be brilliant and generous. Below are two brilliant recipes torn from the plates of our peers.

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