My Elementary School Journal: A Kenyon Story

Kindergarten Kaitlin Donnelly '15 wants you to send us your elementary school journals.

Kindergarten Kaitlin Donnelly ’15 wants you to send us your elementary school journals.

Building an identity at college can feel strange because your classmates at Kenyon didn’t necessarily know you when you were younger and scared shitless of horses. At the same time, building an identity at college is kind of awesome because I bet your classmates also didn’t know you during that braces-wearing Middle School Bully phase you went through in the seventh grade. This is a recurrent series on the Thrill devoted to embracing those horse-phobic/bully years and finding out how far we’ve come since then. Kenyon students are known for being strong in writing, but what did we write about when we were impressionable and ten years old? Find out after the jump! Continue reading

We Want Your Elementary School Journals: A Kenyon Story

Young and Wild and Free.

Young and Wild and Free.

Hey, were you ever a child with hopes and dreams? So were these people (pictured above). At The Thrill we like to remember the simpler times, in light of how hectic and crazy college life can be.

Help us recall the zen wisdom of the gawky pre-tweens we once used to be, and submit your elementary school journal entries to! Make your camera shy fifth grade self a campus celebrity, and realize your pre-tween dreams.

10 o’clock list: 5 Childhood Trends that Resurface in College


We can haz bachelor’s degree?

1. Cheez-It snacktime. When did you last enter a dorm room or apartment kitchen without spying a big red box gleaming in the afternoon light? Sure, in grade school we plucked them from wee elegant Dixie cups at recess, whereas these days we’re more inclined to drunkenly jam our entire fists into the box, Winnie the Pooh-style, and regret it in the morning, but the nostalgic, salty tang of a Cheez-It will never fade.

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