The Monday Catchup: UPDATED

A hostage escapes, via


Good morning! Here’s what you missed while studying:

The lead story: The hostage crisis in Sydney is now over after police raided the cafe with stun grenades. It is unsure exactly how many hostages were taken, but the man responsible for the attack has been identified as Man Monis, a self-proclaimed Islamic sheikh who has been accused of involvement in dozens of sexual assault cases.

HAPPENING NOW: A number of hostages, possibly around 30, are being held in a cafe in Sydney, Australia. Five hostages have escaped. The man responsible for the attack has possible connections to the Islamic State. The area, in downtown Sydney, is in lockdown.

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The Monday Catchup


Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the break:

The lead story: A health worker at a hospital in Dallas has been officially confirmed as the first person inside the US to contract Ebola. The unidentified employee was in contact with a man who had caught Ebola outside the US and was being treated at the hospital in Dallas.

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