Opinion: Songs That Reference “Murder, She Wrote” Shouldn’t Need Trigger Warnings

Is it a mystery, or have we already solved it?

It’s like they never even watched it.

Trigger warning: discussion of violence against women. This is an opinion piece, all views expressed within it are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The Thrill.

Murder, She Wrote is one of my favorite shows. I love it. Mystery shows are my jam in general, but Murder, She Wrote just delivers on such a consistent basis. At least, it has so far. I’m almost to season five. It’s campy and predictable, but every episode feels satisfying, even when, or actually, especially when the solution is just goofy, like that time the killer was a trained dog pressing a button in the security room, causing a gate to run over the heiress as she was trying to get back into the mansion. Classic.
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WKCO Profile: Having a Lawrf with Hugh and Will


Photo courtesy of Monsieurs Herrick and Wilikofsky.

Having a Lawrf with Hugh Wilikofsky ’14 and Will Herrick ’14, is an adventure, to say the least. Before the interview got off the ground, I was given Hugh’s chair and headphones to be subjected to an on-air science quiz administered by Will.

With the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” theme music playing in the background, Will read off 20 rapid-fire questions which he assured me would be “easy”, but I assure you were not. (For future reference, sharks have no bones,  and the rock that comes from volcanoes is lava, not magma). Continue reading

Uphill/Downhill: Hip-Hop & Clocks

Finally made it to Wednesday, only a few days before the weekend.  Three weeks into the semester and I’m starting to feel the crunch.

Uphill: Jonathan Mannion — For those of us that follow Kenyon College on Facebook (just me?) there is a posting that the new issue of the Alumni Bulletin will be out soon and the featured story is on alumnus Jonathan Mannion.  So I did what any Gen Y-er would do and Googled him.  He shot the cover art for  Reasonable Doubt and The Eminem Show (and countless other albums). Kenyon connections the world over! Go us!

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