10 o’clock list: Things I Forgot To Buy At Walmart the First Time I Went and Now Have to Buy on My Second (or Third or Fourth) Trip

I’m sure you’re just as happy as those kiddos when you are leaving Walmart with your parents. (via Wikimedia Commons)

The family Walmart trip is something of a tradition for beginning-of-year drop offs, which in my mind just translates into my last chance to buy random crap that I’ve never wanted before but I want now because my parents will pay for it. But this beginning-of-year-I-must-buy-everything-oh-I’ve-never-needed-to-use-a-kettle-before-but-that-one-looks-nice-I-want-it attitude ends up clouding my brain until the very important list of things I needed just falls out, only to return to my mind when it is too late.

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