Google Drive Etiquette

Well here we are, we’ve made it, the promised land of intellectual superiority: college in the 21st century. Out go card catalogues, slide rules, and typewriters; this is the age of the computer, spell check, the age of instant gratification! The once mighty pen falls ignominiously to the fingers at the typewriter; we truly live in a marvelous age. But there is trouble in paradise, and it comes in the form of Google Docs. This infernal feature — so touted by groups of intrepid students — can quickly turn on its creators and unleash its fury upon them. So how to skirt around its gnarliest issues? Luckily, dear reader, you have us.

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Hey, Isn’t That Mine?

It’s Sunday morning brunch, and you’re sitting at your table on New Side, nursing a hangover with a plate full of hash brown triangles.  In between complaints about all the work you have to do this afternoon, you look over at the other table to see Jane Doe wearing your bracelet, a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations that you sort of accidentally misplaced last night whilst stumbling around your friend’s NCA in a drunken stupor. What do you do? Continue reading

Will You Still Love Me If…? A Guide to Kenyon Etiquette

This post was co-authored by Editor-in-Chief Emma Specter ’15 and Editor Emeritus Spencer Kaye ’14.


This could happen to you.

Will you still love me if I show up to your theatre production piss-drunk?

Emma’s Take: As long as I can keep myself contained, and not throw up within the confines of the Bolton Theater, I really think that I get more out of the show. Plus, a lot of “drunk adjectives” translate well to “theater performance adjectives” — i.e. “Oh my God, your performance was so terrifying/vivid/almost too real, I could barely keep it together.” Continue reading

How to Be a [Musical] Person: A Guide to Practice Rooms

Musicians too dream of one day spending long hours in windowless cubicles.

Musicians too enjoy spending long hours in windowless cubicles.

Whether you occasionally use a piano to see if you still remember how to play the opening riff of Viva la Vida, or find yourself waking up from your two hour nap in Storer Lounge with a feeling of deep belonging, you have at some point or another faced the the unmarked double doors of Lower Rosse. A breakdown of what you can find behind them lies below.

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