The Thrill Rates Energy Drinks

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Hello, my fellow caffeine fiends! The end of the year has finally arrived and I can see many late nights and early mornings in our collective future. Personally, I’m a big fan of brightly colored energy drinks for getting through the insane amounts of work that we all have. My high school friends and I have been compiling a list of the best and worst energy drinks since we were first years, and it is now time to publish what we have learned. Here, to aid your indecisiveness and desire for the best of the best, are our well-researched ratings of energy and coffee drinks available at Kenyon. And while you’re at the Market, why not buy some ramen and wine (lists coming later this week!) to go along with your caffeinated poison? Continue reading

Ideas I Gave My Roommate for Her Stop-Motion Animation Projects


Spoiler Alert: She didn’t take any of them! Not out of lack of love or trust, but just because they fell short of her vision, artistically speaking. Stop-motion animation is, perhaps, one of the most difficult artistic crafts in the movie and art-making game, which is why I am so utterly impressed that some of my fellow compatriots are making fantastic feature short films from what we know as the cradle of civilization, Gambier, OH. How these studio art kids find artistic (divine?) inspiration in this tiny town is frankly beyond me. So of course, I gotta take some type of crack at it! God, this might be for a pretty niche audience but I think it’s working. Continue reading

Weekend Playlist: Finals and Holiday Season

(Via Vevo) Justin knows.

(Via Vevo) Justin knows.

It’s that crazy time of year, folks. The halls are decked with flashcards and free bookstore coffee, and the only snow you’re seeing is ripped up essays flowing from the ceiling of Olin. Are you crying into your Peppermint Mocha because you miss the days when December meant getting free candy canes and making snowflakes in Elementary School? Are you at the point of stressed where you don’t feel stressed but simply feel angry at school? Take a break and listen to some exam and holiday inspired tunes to get into the spirit of finals!

Last Christmas – Wham!

Continue reading

Weekend Drink: Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee


It’s that time of week again. In good conscience I can’t give you a drink with alcohol in it, it may be the weekend, but you all still have finals (even our of age readers). So I decided to introduce you to a personal favorite of mine, cold-brewed ice coffee. I know it’s practically Antarctica outside, but I heard it may get up into the 30’s this week and I’m from New England so this is totally appropriate.  Continue reading

10 o’clock (ish) list: Things to Do During Your Last Week of Class


It’s finally here: the last week of classes. (Insert malicious-sounding music.)  Personally, I am amazed that I made it this far. Joining the cast of CATS seems more and more appealing with every mediocre paper I write. And my mother is always surprised when I make it home at the end of December without an eyeball tattoo or a suspension for my crude and idiotic jokes on this supposedly “humorous” blog. But putting parental disappointment aside for a moment, tonight’s list is all about ways to spend your last week of class that are slightly more productive than watching Disney movies on netflix for hours.

  1. Use your last unexcused absence. It’s your last chance to be badass! wise and take the extra time to finish that research paper, catch up on some sleep or shower. Continue reading