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Class of 2019: Facebook Highlights

This post, a feature that the “illustrious” Alumni Bulletin once referred to as a “sort-of tradition,” was co-authored by Yasmin Nesbat ’18 and Shayne Wagner ’18 It is the most wonderful time of year. The flowers are blooming and people are starting to wear shorts again. But the absolute best part of this season is welcoming the incoming class in

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The Monday Catchup

  Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend: The lead story: An American aid worker, captured by ISIS, has released a letter written to his parents, in which he expresses that he is “afraid to die” The man, formerly known as Peter, but now called Abdul-Rahm Kassig, due to his conversion to Islam, was recently threatened in one

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Class of 2018: Facebook Highlights

You’ve been waiting. You’ve been expecting. And it’s finally here. Yes, the tradition of upperclassmen joining the incoming first-year class group on Facebook is still going strong. We’ve been sifting and trolling our way through the myriad of posts that are flowing in daily, and picked some of the funnier goings on to report back. Remember, class of 2018, we do

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