10 o’clock list: Upworthy Posts That Didn’t Make It to Your Newsfeed

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We’ve all seen them. You’ll never believe what this kangaroo pulled out of her pouch. Watch this child deliver a spiritual revelation that will literally blow your panties off. The embarrassingly easy thing you could do to gain 100 IQ points. Yeah. Ok. No. I DON’T NEED YOUR SHIT UPWORTHY. Maybe I look at Facebook because I want to be depressed, not inspired. Whatever. Despite this, we’re here with a few Upworthy posts that probably didn’t quite make it to your newsfeed. The inspiration is tangible.

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10 o’clock list: Ways to Help You Fall Asleep

Protip: Get noisy sheep out of your room, as well.

Protip: Get noisy sheep out of your room.

With finals coming up, sleep is becoming an incredibly important and disturbingly sparse commodity. It’s almost worth as much as printer ink at this point. That being said, even when you do get a chance to sleep, it can be hard with all those metaphors and algebra running through your brains. If you follow some of these simple suggestions, sleeping can be much easier.

  1. Turn off all electronics: I know it can be tempting to take one last look at Facebook to see if there are any new Kenyon Confessions, but keeping the laptop on will only keep you awake longer. Netflix isn’t going to help you fall asleep–not even that super soothing nature documentary. Continue reading

Things to Do in Your Spare Time that isn’t Facebook

We’ve all done it.
You’re between classes and you’re looking for something to do that won’t stress you out, so you open your laptop or the app on your phone and you start scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed. I don’t know about you all, but there’s something kind of therapeutic about going on Facebook, like your mind and body finally get a break from the day’s stresses, and you’re allowed to veg out for ten minutes (or two hours) scrolling mindlessly through decently-interesting posts.

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The Monday Catchup

Morsi is the second Egyptian head of state to face criminal charges in the last three years.

Morsi is the second Egyptian head of state to face criminal charges in the last three years.

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over Halloweekend:

The Lead Story: Deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi went on trial today, in what amounted to his first public appearance since being removed from power in early July. Morsi proclaimed himself the legitimate ruler of of Egypt and his case was adjourned until this January. The country is still being run by a military-led government.

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The Monday Catchup

Booker Gay Marriage

Senator-elect Corey Booker presided over gay marriages in Newark early this morning.

The Lead Story:

For the first time, gay couples in New Jersey had the opportunity to marry this morning. This comes as the state’s supreme court refused to ban same-sex marriage ceremonies last week. Newark mayor (and senator-elect) Corey Booker officiated the marriage of seven same-sex couples. There was a heckling incident, but it was swiftly dealt with by police. Equality!

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Kenyon Confessions: A Review

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 4.01.45 PM

So gross, but so funny.

Seems like there is new Kenyon-specific Twitter, Facebook page, or Tumblr every week. It felt appropriate to post this one, which shifts between a little too confessional and a great read. I thought I would highlight some of my favorites and give our readers the real range of posts that the page is getting. Like most of the other pages, we have no leads on who started it or why.

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Kenyon Kulture: Profile Pictures You’ll Upload at Kenyon


Don’t worry, it could be worse.

Yes, Kenyon is a completely unique place and we are all v.v. special snowflakes, but also, Kenyon is not that unique of a place and many of its students are uncomfortably similar [raise up if you’re reading this and you have brown hair/glasses/hail from the East Coast.] This commonality can be pretty embarrassing, especially when it’s all over the Interwebs: I hereby present some of the Kenyon Kodak Moments you’ll upload to Facebook at some point before you graduate, and probably attract some weird family-member likes with (“College Cutie Pie! Looks like Kanyon agrees With You! Big xS and Os!” raves Aunt Linda.)*

 You, Laughing in A Cornfield. Your head is thrown back, your arms are outstretched, the sun is setting, and you are woodsy, dammit. You live in Ohio now, and everybody in your newsfeed should know it. [Sidenote – get off the corn. People need to grow the corn and sell the corn. The corn does not care how quirky you look in this photo your roommate took with a Polaroid and captioned “~reading daze adventures~” in all lower-case.]

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