Beard Off: Pierce v. Larson

We like to stay pretty competitive here at The Thrill, and nothing says “healthy competition” quite like a gold old-fashioned Beard Off.  In honor of No Shave November and beyond, we leave it to you, the reader, to decide who truly has the better beard as we pit one barb against another.

"Beard Facts" brought to you by one of today's brave contestants.

“Beard Facts” brought to you by one of today’s brave contestants.

Happy Movember, everyone. Let’s talk about beards, or “face koozies” as they are sometimes known. Whether you are growing a beard to impress a friend or raise awareness for charity, I tip my hat to you.

This week’s bitter beard battle features Samuel Larson ’17 and Max Pierce ’17. Who wore it best? Only you, the reader can decide… Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Types of Facial Hair at Kenyon

Here is Brad Pitt sporting the rarely seen Sleeping Weasel style

Kenyon is a great place to experiment with facial hair. You’ve left behind your parents and you don’t yet have a boss who you have to be “presentable” for. As any science major will tell you, though, most experiments fail. Thus, many of those walking around campus with facial hair look like they have some sort of rodent glued to their jaw. There are a few broad categories of facial hair that can be useful for identifying the personality of those sporting face whiskers.

  1. The Indie Singer/Songwriter. This is probably the most difficult college facial hair to pull off, as it requires the ability to grow thick facial hair over the entire jaw, which many are unable to do yet. It is similar to the Grizzly Adams beard, but is slightly less full a little shorter. Those with the Indie Singer/Songwriter beard are often seen frequenting Wiggin Street and open mics at the Horn, and they own at least three flannel shirts. Continue reading

Kenyon Doppelgängers: Elizabeth Furman ’15 and Adam Zaremsky ’15

Look at those perfectly executed buns!

Look at those perfectly executed buns!

Since their first year at Kenyon, these two lookalikes have been running around confusing people with their super crazy “from behind” similarities. These two doppelgangers are a bit different than most, considering that they look alike from behind. Looking at them head-on, it’s not difficult to discern Zaremsky’s scruffy and free spirited facial hair, from Furman’s lack thereof. Though, they do share poor eyesight resulting in similar eyewear. They also share a proclivity for flannel.

Read more about these “could be siblings” after the jump. Continue reading

Meet a Beer and Sex Advisor: Simon Golovcsenko ’15

Simon cuddling some small and furry animal.

We’re picking back up on the feature where we spotlight a Beer and Sex Advisor or an SMA to raise awareness about the resources available to Kenyon students. Today we’re featuring Beer and Sex Advisor Simon Golovcsenko, a sophomore from Lexington, Mass. Golovcsenko was extremely enthusiastic during his interview and arrived perfectly on time and with a flourish. Read our interview after the jump.  Continue reading