A Guide to Fall Break: Do More than Psychedelic Drugs


We recognize that The Thrill has given you suggestions on how to handle this glorious four day weekend before; however, now that it is 2018 and the 2020 plan has ripped our campus to shreds, those of us staying at Gund College for Fall Break need a little extra guidance in order to entertain ourselves.

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First Years Sound Off: Fall Break


Make like a tree and get outta here!!

Fall break is the first real chance to relax or return home during the school year, and it can lead to some interesting moments. Some of our new writers comment on their experiences during their very first reading days below!

These past days marked my first encounter with the Krud, and though it stinks to be sick on vacation it was probably the best timing for the scourge of pestilence to strike. Luckily, my roommate went home and avoided experiencing my snuffling and wheezing around the dorm. I felt no shame in hauling myself to Peirce bleary-eyed and red-nosed, and I had no regrets about purchasing late-night bookstore ice cream to ‘soothe my throat.’ Treat.Yo. Self. Plus, I had no classes or commitments to keep me from cocooning in my pajamas and watching childhood movies (seriously, how good was The Aristocats?) A big highlight was my wonderful mother sending me a package of my warmer clothes and winter blankets from home, but even better than the fuzzy sweaters was the cardboard box which I proceeded to sit in for the better part of the afternoon whilst blasting Queen. So overall, I’d say it was a good time and a welcome break from pretending to be a quasi-adult.

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A Definitive Guide to Netflix and Chilling

Do he got a front yard, doe? HE DOOOO!!! (via IGN.com)

You know the situation: It’s a weekday night, your first class is a 1:10 tomorrow which you’ve already finished the homework for, and you’ve secured a dingle for the night as your roommate is spending the night at home in Cinci to attend her Nonna’s 85th birthday party.  Conditions are perfect.

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What to do With Your Fall Break

oh BABY! (via nickomargolies.com)

Hello and welcome to The Thrill‘s guide to navigating a long weekend on the hill! Considering it’s our only casual break in the academic year, reading days are a big deal here. We’re not getting time off for a holiday, but we’re not getting a whole week to just travel to wherever-the-hell, so a lot of students stay on campus and get creative with their freedom. Plenty of people are content with relaxing their Daze away and taking advantage of the breathing space the break gives them. But for the others who maybe want to try something new, boy oh boy do we have a few tricks up our sleeves for you!

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