The Baggage They Left Behind

me alone on Family Weekend (notice my smile)

Well, I survived my first Family Weekend! Since my parents didn’t come, it allowed me to observe and people watch instead of entertaining family relations.  And honestly, people watching is better than family.  One thing I particularly noticed was the amount of baggage, physical and emotional, left over after the parents left. That and the relief I felt when I could finally find a table in Peirce and go to the bathroom without seeing a single parent.

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Making Reservations for Parents’ Weekend Since Bay Leaf Closed


It’s that blessed of weekends! People who love you are coming with a car to pay for food and then put that food in your mouth. In the bustling metropolis of Knox County, don’t resign yourself to making last minute reservations at The Cove. Believe it or not, you’re spoiled for choice this weekend, and The Thrill is here to break it down for you.

For the first night when you want to make an impression: The Kenyon Inn, Gambier.

If you’re a first year: Peirce Hall, Gambier.

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