Kenyon Alum Blogs About Valentine’s Day

Go to a bar — and hit on absolutely nobody.

Only douchebags and sexual predators think it’s cool to go to bars on V-Day and pick up lonely single chicks — and they’ve all been sniffed out. The last man standing is you, my friend. Go ahead, tip a cap to your onlookers. Nobody knows you’re high out of your mind and spent the whole day watching zombie battles and yelling at strangers. You did it. You’re the goddamn Valentine’s Day champion.

The above is an excerpt from a post Kenyon alum Cooper Fleishman ’09 made about Valentine’s Day from The post, “10 Sexiest Things to Do If You’re Alone on V-Day,” heralds the lifestyle of the solo-flier on Valentine’s Day and lists the best ways to enjoy said singleness today.   Continue reading