Seniors React: Fandango ’19



Last night, seniors and professors alike trudged through the wind and cold to make merry. A marker of 100 days left until graduation, Fandango was in full swing for two whole hours. Students got sloppy. Professors got dancing. I ate two plates full of mac n’ cheese wedges because this is what peak femininity LOOKS LIKE. Are you a curious underclassman looking for an inside scoop? Were you a senior that was there but, alas, can’t seem to remember the night? Well, folks, you’re in luck, the seniors of the Kenyon Thrill staff are here to fill you in on the good, the bad, and the sticky!

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Fandango: Seniors Sound Off

The phrase I'd use to describe Fandango is: "Emotional DIY Fancy Party Wedding" (via

The phrase I’d use to describe Fandango is: “Emotional DIY Fancy Party Wedding” (via

You heard the screams of slap-happy seniors drifting through your open window at 2:00 A.M. Saturday morning. You saw the confetti strewn in the snow outside your dorm. You poked at the eye bags of hungover seniors as they waited in line at the deli after a night of gettin’ down with their favorite professors. But what was Fandango really like? My plebeian underclassman self interviewed some pretty neat Thrill seniors in order to find out.

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Weekend Drink: The Post-Fandango Pick-Me-Up

Teach me how to dougie…Professor?

Last night, seniors and staff raised a glass to each other one last time before graduation. This classy affair was the epitome of an intimate liberal arts gather–whatRewind. Let’s try that again. Last night, seniors and staff got wasted. They raised, not one glass to each other, but probably more like seven. Everybody woke up still drunk, with only one out of two of their shoes, and probably a little mortified. But hey, what better to sober you up than the thought of seeing your professor again 8 a.m. Monday morning? This weekend’s drink will both cure your hangover and keep thoughts of Monday far away. Here’s what you need: Continue reading