Old K Laundry Looks

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hi, Nate here, I picked this image, does anyone else remember the Chamber of Secrets game where you had to fight the Weasley’s washing machine? Crazy

I want to preface this cursed article by saying that I am fully aware of how disgusting the concept of this is. I’m here to tell you that I don’t give a singular hoot. Needless to say, I didn’t care enough about myself or my health to stop myself from embarking on this journey! Here are five outfits perfect for any occasion that I made from the pile of clothes left in the Old K laundry room:

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A Kenyon Klothes Swap


I apologize forever for putting of “K”s in front of more words than necessary. However, knowing that many members of our campus have a passion for fashion, I was eager to put a Kenyon spin on the work of photographer Hana Pesut, who spent years compiling the series Switcheroo, in which couples are photographed before and after trading clothes. Although not all of the following pairs are Kenyon Married, six brave volunteers agreed to literally step into someone else’s shoes for this assignment.

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The Bias Cut x The Thrill

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 Kicking things off…

For those of you out there who don’t know me, my name is Charlotte Benz. I am a Sophomore at Kenyon and I hail from San Francisco, CA. I’m extremely passionate about culture and how clothing structures, shapes, and represents a cultural and an individual identity, as well as how that identity is conceived and communicated through personal style. It is for this reason that I want to document the variety of aesthetics present in Gambier, OH. “The Bias Cut” will aim to capture and celebrate the vibrant culture of the Kenyon College community, expressed through individual clothing choice and personal creativity campus-wide.

To “cut along the bias” is an expression used in sewing, and refers to a technique in which one cuts diagonally across the grain of the fabric. The result of this cut is stretch, offering a more dynamic shape and producing a more versatile base from which to create.

Ultimately, I find the people here inspiring and I am extremely excited to meet, interact, and share with the community here, through a medium I love.

(Charlotte Benz’s “The Bias Cut” will be featured regularly on The Thrill)

10 o’clock list: Types of Facial Hair at Kenyon

Here is Brad Pitt sporting the rarely seen Sleeping Weasel style

Kenyon is a great place to experiment with facial hair. You’ve left behind your parents and you don’t yet have a boss who you have to be “presentable” for. As any science major will tell you, though, most experiments fail. Thus, many of those walking around campus with facial hair look like they have some sort of rodent glued to their jaw. There are a few broad categories of facial hair that can be useful for identifying the personality of those sporting face whiskers.

  1. The Indie Singer/Songwriter. This is probably the most difficult college facial hair to pull off, as it requires the ability to grow thick facial hair over the entire jaw, which many are unable to do yet. It is similar to the Grizzly Adams beard, but is slightly less full a little shorter. Those with the Indie Singer/Songwriter beard are often seen frequenting Wiggin Street and open mics at the Horn, and they own at least three flannel shirts. Continue reading