First-Year Finals Concerns

Your eyes never need to dilate that much...

Your eyes never need to dilate that much…

A daring Thrill intern, Reed Dickerson, has graciously volunteered to list some of his looming first-year final concerns, which surely echo a lot of the worried thoughts that are swirling around in everyone’s heads currently. Some of The Thrill’s editors (who we all know stand for every voice on campus) then took the time to respond to his fears with answers that we hope will help ease some of your worries.

Question #1: Oh my god finalsarecoming, finalsarecoming, finalsarecoming!!  What do I do?!?! WHAT DO I DO!? There’s so much pressure, like 50% of my grade is riding on this last test.  What if I fail, WHAT IF I FAIL!?!

Answer from Kate Lindsay ’15: You won’t fail if you try to stop freaking out. The worst thing you can do for yourself is get yourself flustered. Take a deep breath and take this time to map out a study plan. Having this in front of you will make the time between you and finals seem a lot more organized and less like a long winding road to failure. If you make a manageable study plan and stick to it, you’re sure to be prepared.

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