The Monday Catchup



Chiddy hydrates with Heinz in-between mad rhymes

Ask any grizzled college veteran; the answer is always the same. In college, people party.

On special occasions and at smaller liberal arts institutions, the zenith of partying manifests itself in some sort of spring fling, end-of-the-year, beer-blurring banger with a  side of music and general light-hearted confusion. Tasty. All too familiar.

With that, I hope you were properly sent off by Summer Sendoff. I hope your clothes were stained by ketchup and beer in a way that would make Jackson Pollock jealous. I hope the only thing weighing you down was the Rubblebucket trumpet player as he crowd surfed. I hope you left class on Friday afternoon and whispered, “South Quad is calling, and I must go.”

It’s Monday now. Start the finals week countdown. Sober up and buckle down kiddos. If you find yourself waxing nostalgic about this weekend, here are some juicy leftovers from the weekend to keep you going.

“Those Krazy Kurly Fries went right through me”

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The Baggage They Left Behind

me alone on Family Weekend (notice my smile)

Well, I survived my first Family Weekend! Since my parents didn’t come, it allowed me to observe and people watch instead of entertaining family relations.  And honestly, people watching is better than family.  One thing I particularly noticed was the amount of baggage, physical and emotional, left over after the parents left. That and the relief I felt when I could finally find a table in Peirce and go to the bathroom without seeing a single parent.

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Sunday Feelings Check

Fun-day, not Sunday!

It’s Sunday. That means you have T-minus not-enough-hours until midterms–AND–tomorrow’s Monday. Oh foo-ey. The powers of the world are seeking my destruction. In an attempt to prolong our own procrastination, we decided to spot-check the emotional health of the rest of the campus–and by spot-check, we mean we accosted students at random in Olin. How are you feeling today? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

Alarmed desk attendant is feeling “alright.” We feel that.

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Weekend Playlist: Party Music For Uncool Kids

Look, you guys, I don’t know what music is cool. I think maybe I knew what was cool to listen to in 2008, but I haven’t really been keeping up since then. It’s exhausting! Not only is there new music coming out every single day, but all the coolest stuff is the stuff that’s hardest to listen to. I mean, have you tried listening to Blue Hawaii? It’s like a comps exam for your ears. No thanks! If keeping up with cool music makes your brain hurt but you still want to party to something besides Rihanna (people still listen to Rihanna, right?), try putting on these thoroughly uncool songs:

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