10 o’clock List: Kenyon Ice Cream Flavors

So many flavors, which one will you decide on? (Via http://www.newyorker.com)

Peirce has been increasing their ice cream and frozen yogurt game recently, and in the past few weeks we’ve seen flavors from blueberry to passion fruit. Peirce ice cream is tried and true and always a solid meal choice. What would happen though if there were Kenyon flavors? What is the most quintessential Kenyon flavor?

  1. Old Kenyon. This one will deceive you with its look. Three flavors make the treat so perfect: Keystone light, sweat, and small traces of vomit. Just like Neapolitan ice cream brings you back to tea with your grandmother, this treat will bring you back to that last time you ran out of Old K, your hair stuck to your forehead with sweat, and accidentally peed in front of all the DKEs. College, man! Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Unexpected Theme Housing Applicants

beyonce nca

Did Beyoncé apply for theme housing?

The acceptance window for theme housing applications officially came to a close with the start of spring break. Those seeking to avoid the wrath of the housing lottery flocked to ResLife, bullshit in hand, rushing to submit their proposals before 4:30 p.m. While you may have heard about some of the more typical contenders, such as Outdoors House and French House, you probably haven’t heard about some of the more eccentric applicants. This may be because they don’t exist–but if they did, we would pull for them. Here’s a list of student groups that should not only exist, but would spice up the campus with theme housing.

  1. The Feral Cat House. Striving for excellence with a frisky state of mind, this group will not only facilitate informative cat massage lessons, but will also seek to raise awareness about feral cats through kitty cuisine, feline films, and knitting. Residents will forgo usage of typical bed arrangements in favor of sleeping in cat jungles. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Things the Feral Cats Have Been Up To

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 6.55.51 PM

It’s hard out here for a cat.

Lately, the feral cats of Gambier seem to have disappeared. At least, to me. Maybe that’s because I haven’t been outside much. Then again, I’m never outside much. But anyways, I talked to some cats and they told me what they’ve been up to while it’s been very, very cold.

  1. At Easton, shopping for a new, super sexy outfit for Philander’s Ball. Because that’s where all the good tom cats will be caterwauling, if you catch my drift. Continue reading

The Secret to Happiness: A Feral Cat Flowchart Tells All

I don’t know about you all, but getting back into the swing of things this post-Reading Days week has been rather rough.

It’s been hard for me to return to that balanced routine I had going so swimmingly just a week ago. I’ve officially given up on dressing and eating decently– if you need me this week, just look for the girl in the ratty flannel, coffee-stained socks (don’t ask) and holey sweatpants lying in her bed waiting to die from peanut-butter induced diabetes. I’ve come very close to skipping multiple classes, I actually did skip my piano lesson (apologies to the JR) and I’m even considering not going out tonight. Do you know what solved my funk? Playing with a cat. See after the jump for my kitty-based flowchart guide to happiness.

Continue reading