Do it tonight: Bluegrass Concert


Do you sometimes sit at home surrounded by your homework secretly wishing you were at a bluegrass concert? If the answer is yes, which, let’s be honest, it is, then y’all should come on down to Rosse Hall tonight for one of Rural by Design’s fabulous events. They are hosting a bluegrass concert that is sure to be pretty insane, mostly because it features fiddle-playing. As long as there is someone playing the spoons, I will have personally experienced one of my lifelong dreams…to watch someone play the spoons. You don’t want to miss this.

What: The Rural by Design Concert: “Mountain Music, Southeast by Southwest”

When: April 6th (today) at 8:00 PM

Where: Rosse Hall

Do It Tonight: Poor Remy @ The Horn

You know how when seniors graduate, it feels a little bit like they’re dead? WELL DON’T WORRY BECAUSE KENYON IS NOW FUH-LOODED WITH ZOMBIES.

Not real ones. I mean the seniors that you feel like died. Like they came back to life. Only instead of wanting brains, they want to jam. Harrrd. Keep up.

Come watch Poor Remy, a trio of some of Kenyon’s fav alumni, make you feel like the wide eyed, bushy tailed (first-year? sophomore? junior? bunny?) you were last year!

  • What: Poor Remy
  • When: April 5th, TODAY, Doors at 9:30
  • Where: Horn Gallery