Riverdale Season 5 Filmed in Ascension; K.J. Apa Actually Dies From Falling Piano Injuries

To FBI agents if you’re reading this, it’s NOT libel the whole thing is just a JOKE.

To KJ Apa if you’re reading this hiiii Archie :) I’m a big fan

To God Almighty Lord Savior Heaven Above if you’re reading this I’m sorry

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Gambier is Basically the New Hollywood

This morning, the independent film Old Fashioned, produced by Skoche Films and written and directed by Rik Swartzwelder, shot several brief scenes in the Peirce/Ransom Lawn and Sam Mather/Ascension areas. About a dozen Kenyon students served as extras, walking up and down Middle Path and in and out of buildings. The film crew was surprised that more people did not show up, but that’s what you get for filming at 9 a.m. on the first day of Reading Days.

A producer throws leaves into a scene. That's right, kids, fall isn't real. (David Hoyt for The Thrill)

The Indian Summer weather also caused a few hiccups; crew members scrambled to get the short-sleeved extras into whatever jackets and scarves were available, as the film is set in late autumn. A producer was also positioned on top of a box so that she could throw leaves into the shot from off camera. If this were Pixar, they’d have just CGI-ed them.

Old Fashioned is, according to its Facebook page, about “a former frat boy and a free-spirited woman [who] together attempt the impossible: an ‘old-fashioned’ courtship in contemporary America,” and is tentatively scheduled for release in Fall 2012. More details, including additional photographs, more information about Old Fashioned and an interview with the lead actress will appear in next week’s issue of the Collegian. An exclusive photo after the jump! Continue reading