Alternative Finals Study Spaces


It’s officially Saturday. Finals are upon us. Let the complete pandemonium and stress sink in. It is also the last Saturday of my last fall semester at Kenyon (my eyes aren’t watering… it’s just allergies). What does this mean? Well, it means that I definitely want to study to do well on my finals, get great grades, get into grad school, get an amazing job, and succeed at life. But it also means that I want to rage. I like to rage. You like to rage. We all like to rage. Let me teach you how to rage and study.*  Continue reading


On Topic, Off Topic: Crunch Time



On Topic: Finals – There’s little doubt that when it comes to schoolwork, it’s crunch time. Finals are just around the corner, and this week-long “grace period” seems to be anything but. Continue reading

10 o’clock List: 5 Proven Tips for Improved Finals Prowess


Oh Finals, they’re the worst right? I hate them a lot, and also hate this time of year. You do too? I thought you would. Sometimes don’t you just feel like your performance is all up to chance and the whims of the School Matron? Me too. However, I’ve compiled a list of “life hacks” that just might help. They’ve proven fruitful for some of your peers. Why not you too?

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Packing Up and Shipping Out: Finals Week in Graphs

It’s that time of the year again. Finals week is wrapping up, the weather is getting warmer, and you’re getting ready to move out. Unlike our last installment, this series of graphs offers no instruction, no solution, just colors and charts. Packing is hard, y’all.


You know you should have started earlier. That knowledge is useless, however.

You know you should have started earlier. That knowledge is useless, however.

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Will You Still Love Me If…? A Guide To Kenyon Etiquette

This post was co-authored by Editor-in-Chief Emma Specter ’15 and Editor Emeritus Spencer Kaye ’14.



…I talk loudly in the periodicals on third-floor Olin?

Emma’s Take — I am not one to dispense wisdom about the importance of keeping quiet in the library, since, on occasion, I have been known to, well, not do that. But, speaking as a mean angry junior, supple young underclasspeople should kindly refrain from being loud here because now I am, as I mentioned earlier, old and mean, and I hate it.

Spencer’s Take — I feel like magazines are meant to be talked about. You know what I mean? But also, do as I do, not as I say, because I hate when people are talking on the third floor of Olin. That is a quiet space. Continue reading