10 o’clock list: 5 Signs That You’re Definitely Not Going to Pass Comps

CompsMy yes, Comps. Maybe they’ve happened for you, maybe you’ve got a little time, maybe they’re coming right up. We all have to take them, most of us will pass, some of us won’t. If you think you may be cruising for a spot among the unlucky few, you may want to consult this handy little checklist. Chances are it will either entirely allay or horribly amplify your fears. Enjoy!

1.  Your nerves are out of control:

Your hands have started shaking so vigorously that you are no longer capable of writing, typing or even thinking about anything other than the shaking of your hands. The shaking has started to spread to your arms, followed by your trunk, going to your neck and legs, ending in the un-ignorable vibration of your brain. The trembles cause the boundless misery sweat to spray off your body, like water coming off a dog after a pleasant trip to the lake. If you’ve made it to this point, chances are you’re in no state to study for or take comps, let alone pass. Go to the doctor. Seek medication.

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10 o’clock list: Ways South Campus Resembles the Old South

"Oh Melanie, you're so pure. You must live in Bushnell."

“Oh Melanie, you’re so pure. You must live in Bushnell.” (via dvdbeaver.com)

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn… about comps,” said the senior living in Leonard, as a Manning resident took her Cove to the KAC hill and said, to the rising sun, that she would never be hungry again. So whatever, maybe South Campus isn’t built on the backbreaking forced labor of a plantation economy–which most would argue is a good thing–but I can definitely see some cultural similarities between the Old South and our current South Campus life.

  1. Absurd parties- Though not quite as absurd as New Orleans’s Mardi Gras or ‘Quadroon Ball,’ some of South Campus’s parties can get wild. Just look at the Village Record–it can be as lewd as any Mystik Krewe‘s Carnivale float. Continue reading

To All You Fire-Starters Out There: Just Stop

It has been brought to The Thrill’s attention, through the magic of  allstu, that on Wednesday night/early Thursday morning someone lit fire to posters hanging on lamp posts lining Middle Path.  The verdict is still out on the perpetrator’s reason behind acting in such an idiotic manner. Some students have suggested: intoxication, peer pressure, and just plain stupidity.

News Flash: You are no Drew Barrymore