“I Haik-You”: First-Year Musings in Haiku Form



It’s the end of the year, and everyone’s getting nostalgic — what better way to channel those emotions than with the ancient art of haiku? Here, the first-year Thrill writers have offered up their “5-7-5” perspectives on Kenyon life — pick your favorite in the comments!
From Claire Berman ’16 —
Slug hunting at the

BFEC. Please, oh please can we
drink the beer instead?

My First Thanksgiving: “My family may be a bit crazy, but I’m more than a bit crazy, too.”

Peppermint Patty was such a bitch in this special.

Unlike many Kenyon first-year students who returned home to partake in traditional Bacchanalian festivities with their high school friends, I did not. I have the misfortune of having friends with the bad judgment to pursue higher education in Canada or to get stuck in a Costco in rural Wisconsin for three hours while we’re supposed to be getting sushi (How does that even happen, Aparna?). And though I had a pleasant time going to all of the grocery stores in town to try to acquire Twinkies (we failed) and nearly getting hip-checked over a jacket at the mall on Black Friday (I was bigger than her) with my various other friends, I have to say that the most memorable moments of my break happened with my beloved and slightly insane family.

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