First Years Sound Off: Fall Break


Make like a tree and get outta here!!

Fall break is the first real chance to relax or return home during the school year, and it can lead to some interesting moments. Some of our new writers comment on their experiences during their very first reading days below!

These past days marked my first encounter with the Krud, and though it stinks to be sick on vacation it was probably the best timing for the scourge of pestilence to strike. Luckily, my roommate went home and avoided experiencing my snuffling and wheezing around the dorm. I felt no shame in hauling myself to Peirce bleary-eyed and red-nosed, and I had no regrets about purchasing late-night bookstore ice cream to ‘soothe my throat.’ Treat.Yo. Self. Plus, I had no classes or commitments to keep me from cocooning in my pajamas and watching childhood movies (seriously, how good was The Aristocats?) A big highlight was my wonderful mother sending me a package of my warmer clothes and winter blankets from home, but even better than the fuzzy sweaters was the cardboard box which I proceeded to sit in for the better part of the afternoon whilst blasting Queen. So overall, I’d say it was a good time and a welcome break from pretending to be a quasi-adult.

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10 o’clock list: Things I’ll Miss About the First-Year Quad


I’ll sure miss studying with all my friends who wear backpacks while sitting down!

This year I’ve had the fortune of living in the first-year quad. You know, the place where people throw frisbees and sometimes sit on top of picnic tables, full of youthful exuberance and Keystone Light? And while I’m happy to be living across campus next semester (sorry Caples nerds) there are some things I’ll miss about this *first year exclusive* living experience.

1) The eight small manservants. I know change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Kenyon just won’t feel the same next year without an extremely small butler waiting for me around every corner with a drink and a winning smile. Who is going to pick the mites off my skin and eat them now? I’ll sure miss those guys.

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