Fall Break: New Writers React

We’re back! Fall break has come and gone and we’ve got mixed feelings bout it. Another milestone in the Kenyon year has passed, and we asked our new writers to reflect on break in all of it’s glory.

“I have five writing assignments due within the first two days of classes back and guess how much of that workload I completed? None of it. I completed none of it and I hate myself. I slept from the hours of midnight to ten, woke up to drink coffee and then fell asleep for a midday nap that lasted roughly an average of three hours which was amazing way to live. I was racking up close to fifteen hours of sleep a day. I was like a newborn baby except with an acute awareness of the Sisyphean existence and human mortality. It was all I could’ve hoped for and more from Fall Break.

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First Years React: Shock Your Mom

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.51.17 PM

“OH…I NEED to go to that!”

Hey look! Our first year writers went to Shock Your Mom and behaved like the perfect angels they are. We asked them about it, but we don’t know why, considering they were all fully clothed and 100% sober the whole night. We at The Thrill have an extreme vetting process for hiring out new writers. We expect nothing less than perfection.

Saturday night started off as any good night should: with an unhealthy dose of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Lady Gaga music videos. This is honestly how I spend most of my nights, but Saturday had some extra flavor thanks to a peach energy drink that tasted like rat poison around 10 p.m.. With the energy drink (or rat poison, who really knows) and copious amounts of glitter, I was able to rally and head south for what I expected to be the highlight of my Freshman year: Shock Your Mom. Alas, it t’was not to be. I love being surrounded by half-naked, sweaty bodies as much as the next millennial, and I think I would have had a better experience had I not been completely sober and expecting Project X levels of insanity (tbh I’ve never seen that movie so I hope the reference works). Final Conclusion: I should have stayed home and watched Gremlins 2 while playing Ticket to Ride. Or I should have used more glitter. -Colleen Kemp

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First Years React: Rush Week


Illustration by Annie Blackman

Rush happened! It’s mysterious, it’s stressful, we still don’t entirely know what happened. Our first-year writers are here to talk about their experiences.

I was never formally told what rush week was, nor do I even now have a true, thorough understanding. It seemed, however, like a good time for those involved, so I’m happy for them! I was never interested though, which is probably evident in my lack of knowledge. I’m satisfied and content with the other things in my life that fill my time, and so I’ve never felt a need to go Greek. Last week in particular was a very full week with my other commitments, so I feel as though even if I had wanted to rush, I wouldn’t have been able to. But I did not, so here we are, warm and cozy as before and always! – Emily Blanquera

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First Years React: Winter Break


Illustration by Annie Blackman

We’re back! Winter break has come and gone and we’re happy/sad about it. Another milestone in the Kenyon year has passed, and we asked our first-year writers to reflect it on it in all it’s of glory.
What a steadily wonderful time! Going into it, I knew it was a full month, but I feel that perhaps Kenyon time and home time are somehow bent differently. The month at home felt like a lil’ eternity, but it was all so lovely that I can’t complain. I spent lots o’ time with friends and animals, watched lots o’ movies, and scooped lots o’ ice cream. Nothing spectacular, but I was surprised with the way it filled the time and how satisfied I was with it. I didn’t feel a strong yearning to come back to school because there was a completeness to my break life, but now that I’m back I’m quite pleased! So much gratitude to the break, thanks winter! – Emily Blanquera
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