“Hilarity on the Hill”: Kenyon-Princeton Connections

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Tonight at 8:30 in Rosse Hall, the Fools on the Hill will be performing alongside the Princeton Triangle Club in an unprecedented joint-performance of improv and musical sketch comedy. There will also be a reception in Peirce Pub from 9:30 to 10:30 afterward.

And yet, in spite of the event’s concise description, it brings up a lot of questions that are best summarized by Simon Golovscenko’s comment on the Facebook Event page: “What do the triangles mean? What kind of music? Is this an improv thing? Is this a big deal (I want it to be)?” Continue reading

Do it tonight: Fools On The Hill

It's in this building. (via Kenyon.edu)

This evening, the premier comedy group on campus, Fools on the Hill, will be performing in the impressive Philo Hall in Ascension. The Fools historically have had shows in ASC 220 and are bringing back the laughs to this academical space. (Ed. Although, I have shared a few laughs with Professor Baumann in Philo.) The Fools always attract a crowd, so arrive early to guarantee yourself a seat.

  • Where: Philo, ASC 220
  • When: 10:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.