The Fools on the Thrill Pt. 3: Anarchy


It’s happening again, my dudes. The Fools on the Hill are back to take over The Thrill for one day and one day only. Now they are the Fools on the Thrill and you better be shitting yourself with excitement. Or fear. Who knows what’s going to happen! I sure don’t!

Oh and go see their show tomorrow:

Friday, February 24th, 9pm, Philo.

Deep breaths. Here we go.


22 Times The Gilmore Girls Reboot Perfectly Described Your Finals Week


I smell snow

The end of the semester is drawing near and you know what that means: work, work, and more WORK. With finals week looming like a dark cloud over Gambier, we barely have time to sleep, let alone netflix and chill. But, between Quest papers and bio labs, who can resist those laughable, lovable, loquacious Gilmore Girls…or should I say, women?? Though I think we can all agree this reboot has been poorly timed (didn’t Amy Sherman Palladino realize we have EXAMS???), at least it’s chock full of relatable moments to motivate us to that sweet winter break! Like Lorelei Gilmore always says…”I love snow!”

Here are 22 times “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” was Too Real:

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Fools on the Thrill Presents: Look At This Rash

We at The Fools on The Thrill are starting a new feature called “Look at This Rash.” Really a lot to explain. So, first look, then listen to the narrative:


A rash that I have. (Image courtesy of me, taking a pic with my camera phone)

Ok, so obviously I’m no doctor. And you probably aren’t either. You might be! But whether or not you are, I am going to tell you the story of how I think I got this rash.

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Important Information for You



Most chickens love to sing. COCKADOODOODALDOO.  That’s what a chicken sings.  COCKADOODOODALDOO.  It means: “HELLO AND GOODMORNING FARM THINGZ LETS HAVE A GREAT DAY OF EATING AND SLEEPING.”  But there are some chickens who don’t like to sing.  Those chickens are stupid chickens.

Good chickens only sing and eat.  Some of them fart eggs.  But those chickens are stupid.  Real chickens just sing and eat.  COCKADOODOODALDOO.  Bing bong let’s go to town!

Okay chickens.  Come home now.  Hurry on home.  LEtS TAKE A BATH.

Clean chickens are happy chickens.  Clean chickens are singing chickens.  Clean chickens are not stupid chickens.

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