Predicting the First Years’ Winter Break Transformation

Toca Boca Hair Salon 2,  a favorite game.

We’ve already covered the Thanksgiving break transformation, but now final week is coming to an end and the winter break metamorphosis is inching ever closer. To recap, by this point the first years know what kind of glasses Kenyon students wear, have figured out which backpacks are hip to carry and have dumped their high school significant others for senior, ahem, greener pastures. First years may be romantic fair game, but they haven’t quite gotten the chance to go shopping for the clothing they now know will catapult them to social success. Going home for three weeks will change this. A cool curly hair salon is hard to come by in Gambier!

I have willed our Former Glorious Leader and Blog Founder to assist me in predicting what our darling little butterflies will look like after three weeks home  with endless hours in which to refine their personal style and wallow in self doubt. Make believe before and after pics below the jump.

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Some Advice on Writing at Kenyon

This post was originally written for the Collegian’s Orientation issue, but, as is the writer’s curse, it was cut due to lack of space. The writer, who is one of The Thrill’s editors-in-chief, came to Kenyon as a prospective English major but ended up in political science — with a minor in English. 

Contrary to this stock photo, please complete your Kenyon coursework in English (photo via Wikimedia Commons).

Kenyon has a reputation as a writers’ college, and while that is true, it is not the whole story. Not everyone at Kenyon came here with a passion for writing, and no one who graduates has automatically been transformed into a great writer by virtue of his or her degree. With that in mind, writing will definitely be integral to many of your classes, and it’s worth going over a few pointers to help you get off on the right foot.

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