How to Pronounce: “Formal”


Safety tip!! Remember to bend from the knees, not from the waist, when performing the soro-squat in photos (via


It’s formal season for Kenyon’s various fraternities and sororities, and that can only mean one thing: something. Actually, having never formally attended a formal (but believe you me when I say that I have *informally* attended at least one (read: crashed (read: didn’t mean to crash, just wanted to dance and someone told me it was open!!!)), it’s up to literally anyone else to define what exactly goes on at these events. Honestly, the closest I’ve ever come to infiltrating what is considered classic,  American university Greek life is borrowing a pair of sunglasses with croakies on them from a friend,  so listen below for what is truly my best attempt and a closest approximation on how to pronounce “formal”: Continue reading

10 o’clock list: 5 Groups That Didn’t Have Formals This Weekend

Even these guys went to a formal this weekend

‘Tis the season. (image via

If you are a human student on campus right now and you are in some sort of group affiliated with something, the chances are that you went to a formal this weekend. Everyone and their brother got dressed up this weekend for a prime showing of “Stilettos on Ice” as they shuffled determinedly down the Middle Path death trap in order to enjoy The Last Weekend Before Finals.   Yet there were also a chosen few organizations that didn’t penguin down the ice luge toward the promise of champagne and revelry, and I am here to give them a voice make up reasons why they didn’t have formals.

1. KCET– So this is how I see this scenario going: due to inclement weather, the Kenyon College Equestrian Team was unable to drive their horses in from the Barn. Since you can’t have a respectable KCET party without horses for dates, this club unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute. Continue reading