Why Does Formal Season Feel Like a Never Ending Middle School Dance?


I guess I should have known that pulling up to the Zeta formal wearing jeans wasn’t going to fly. The two girls out in front seemed to be running a very tight ship—and don’t get me wrong I respect the rules—I just wasn’t aware that in order to attend a middle school dance in Colburn you needed a Prada gown. That said, obviously, I put on the fanciest thing I own for my own formal, so I don’t really have any validity in my bitterness.

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The Closing of Formal Season at Kenyon

Formal Season has officially come to a close. Now, it’s time to buckle down and camp out in one of the many studious nooks this fine campus has to offer. Papers and books aside, allow me one last indulgence as I reflect upon the Kenyon Formal experience and the various styles found dancing about on the plush carpeting of Weaver and other “special” venues. Formals are a great excuse to wrap up a semester of hard drinking work with an evening filled of alcohol too expensive to consume on the average Kenyon evening. This is also a perfect opportunity to impress a certain someone- honestly, who turns down a man in a jacket and tie buying Rainbow Shots at the Cove? No one. Ever. Here are some popular styles seen on Middle Path during Formal Season

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