A Call for Systemic Change: Prevention Programming, Alcohol, and College Culture

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault. 

This is an opinion piece, all views expressed within it are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The Thrill.

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This week’s Title IX discussion has largely focused on the deficiencies of both Kenyon’s sexual misconduct policy and the legislation itself. While we’re making important strides in these conversations, we need to focus more efforts on the area where we, the students, can affect perhaps the most significant change: prevention programming.  Continue reading

Do it this week: Rush Week

Greeks at Kenyon (via Greek Council)

We know this post is a little late, as anyone wanting to participate in Rush Week needed to be at the meeting last night, but this is just a reminder from us folks at the Thrill that this week is Rush Week! If you’re still confused as to what exactly Rush Week is, it’s a week where interested students can learn about and meet members of the different Greek organizations on campus. It’s a process of mutual selection, where students decide which groups provide the best fit and groups decide which students will do the same. Like stated at the meeting last night, branch out and go to as many events as possible. Check out some important dates after the jump!  Continue reading